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An account of the practicalities of a 2004 overland journey from Khartoum to Gonder.
An account of the practicalities of a 2004 overland journey from Addis Ababa to Nairobi.
Help with the "1607: Unable to install InstallShield Scripting Runtime." error message.
Help when the "list my most recently opened documents" tickbox is ignored by Windows.
Some malware websites to avoid.
Emailing an "O2" address can result in a "Relaying not allowed" error message.
Some help with the "XPath statement produced no nodes to validate" error.


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  • 27/07/2008 - It's interesting to read David Brin's Shouting at the Cosmos. I'm not necessarily opposed to broadcasting our presence here on Earth, but surely the decision should at least be subject to a little international scrutiny and oversight?

  • 19/07/2008 - The software that runs the Internet was designed in more noble times. In particular the design of "DNS" has apparently been found wanting (vulnerable to criminals) recently. As usual, you should always keep your personal software up-to-date, in whatever way the relevant supplier allows you to. (Examples: Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Windows.) For this particular issue though, you are also reliant on whoever provides your Internet service. You can check that your provider is up-to-date with the DNS Checker at Doxpara.

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